Arts North West Connect

Arts North West Connect

Meg Quilty is proud to open her home and studio, Quilty House, to the public as part of Arts North West Connect. Doors open from 10am and close at 6pm, each day from the 1st of November through until the 4th.

Art Connections is a large-scale arts trail experience and coordinated open weekend showcasing the diverse arts and cultural venues of the New England North West region.

Over 60 destinations in almost 100,000km2 will be opening their doors from the 31st of October to the 4th of November, bringing visitors into the smaller villages and towns of the New England North West, to explore and experience regional NSW.

This event connects communities and highlights the significant contribution made by artists and cultural workers to the region’s economy and community identity.

Art Connections will reveal what we locals have known all along, there is something special and unique about this place.



Quilty House

66 Napier St

East Tamworth, NSW, 2340.

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